5A/10A/15A Buck Boost Converter 12V bis 13,8V DC geregeltes Netzteil

Produktbeschreibung Factory Wholesales Customized Waterproof Step Up - Down DC/DC Converter for power systems10V~30V convert to 12V 5A 10A 20A1. Product specification:     Pro

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Factory Wholesales Customized Waterproof Step Up - Down DC/DC Converter for power systems
10V~30V convert to 12V 5A 10A 20A

1. Product specification:  


Product NameDC DC Converter 12V/24V to 13.8V
Model No. LJDD1224T13815M
Module Propertiesnon - isolated boost module
Rectificationsynchronous rectification
Input Voltage12V/24V
Input  Voltage RangeDC 9 - 36V
Output Voltage13.8V
Output Current5a 10a 15a Optional
Output Power66W/138w/200w
Conversion Efficiency> 93%
Voltage regulation± 1%
Load regulation± 2%
Ripple (Full load test)< 150mV
No - load current< 100mA
Working Temperature- 40~85º C
Waterproof RatingIP67
ProtectionOver - current protection
Overheat protection
Short circuit protection CUSTOMIZED
Reverse Polarity protection    NONE ((Please Series diode at the input port or customized, contact kevin now)
ApplicationElectric motors, fans, Audio, Trucks, Golf Carts, Forklifts
GPS Navigation, Monitoring, Air conditioning
LED car display, DVD, LED bulb lights
Wind Power System, Solar Panel Power System, Photo voltaic energy
Electrical appliances, water pumps, industrial equipment, telecommunications and so on.
    Case MaterialAluminum, anti - shock, anti - drop, anti - moisture, anti - dust
    Product Size (L x W x H)74*74*32mm
Installation Cable Length  13 - 14cm or customized awg and length
Product Weight80g
Warranty12 months, lifetime up to 100, 000 hours
Cooling WayFree air convection
OEM ServiceAccept OEM logo/label/manual/packing box, Contact US Now!
Customized ServiceAccept customized converter such as input/output voltage, cable, interface and etc, Contact Kevin Now!

2. Product Photo:  
5A/10A/15A Buck Boost Converter 12V to 13.8V DC Regulated Power Supply

3. Packaging& Delivery

1. We pack each item with PP bag individually, then put all items in export cartons (around 50 - 300pcs per carton). The export cartons will be taped to protect the parcel from water stains or something others, it ' s not easy to break or damage during the shipment by air or sea.

2. We make shipment between 3 - 15 days for normal order and 3 to 5 days for samples.

3. We can offer you express like FedEx, DHL, UPS& TNT when you make a relatively small order like samples. The ocean shipping is also available when you place a big order. The customers can use their own freight forwarder account.

4. If you need some special request on shipment, please note us before placing order.

5. In order to clear customs soon, please provide accurate receiving address including zip code and taxes number. The HS code is 8504401400

4. Series of Products available 
TypeModelVoltage convert
Input to output
Output Current
(Be option)
Boost DC - DC
LJDD5S12 ** Series5vdc to 12vdc1~10A
LJDD12S13.8 ** Series12vdc to 13.8vdc1 ~18A
LJDD12S15 ** Series12vdc to 15vdc1~15A
LJDD12S19 ** Series12vdc to 19vdc1~20A
LJDD12S24 ** Series12vdc to 24vdc1~40A
LJDD12S27/28 Series12vdc to 27vdc/28vdc1~40A
LJDD12S32/36 ** Series12vdc to 32vdc/36vdc1~30A
LJDD12S48 ** Series12vdc to 48vdc1~20A
LJDD24S48 ** Series24vdc to 48vdc1~42A
Step down DC - DC
LJDD1224S3.3 - 9 ** Series12vdc/24vdc to 3.3 - 9vdc1~20A
LJDD24S12 ** Series24vdc to 12vdc1 ~85A
LJDD24S13.8 ** Series24vdc to 13.8vdc5 ~60A
LJDD24S19 ** Series24vdc to 19vdc5 ~20A
LJDD3648S5 ** Series36vdc/48vdc to 5vdc1~25A
LJDD3648S12 ** Series36vdc/48vdc to 12vdc1~60A
LJDD3648S24 ** Series36vdc/48vdc to24vdc1~30A
LJDD48S36 ** Series48vdc to 36vdc1~10A
LJDD48S13.8 ** Series48vdc to 13.8vdc5~60A
LJDD48S19 ** Series48vdc to 19vdc5~10A
LJDD60S5 ** Series60vdc to5vdc1 ~20A
LJDD60S12 ** Series60vdc to12vdc1 ~15A
LJDD60S24 ** Series60vdc to24vdc1 ~10A
LJDD60S36 Series60vdc to 36vdc1 -8A
Automatic Step down and Boost DC - DC ConverterLJDD12S12 Series12vdc to 12vdc1 - 10A
LJDD2436S13.8Series8 - 40vdc to 13.8vdc3 - 10A
LJDD24S24 Series24vdc to 24vdc1 - 10A
A. Output current be option only but not constant adjustable
B. Other Specification can  Be  customized  Based  On user request. Please contact with  SIGMA  Sale team
C. Non - Isolated design
D. Constant voltage design
E. Waterproof
F. High efficiency 

5A/10A/15A Buck Boost Converter 12V to 13.8V DC Regulated Power Supply

5. Contact Information

We are a professional manufacturer and designer for AC to DC, DC to DC, DC to AC power inverter and converter, swtich power supply etc. If you have any  Customized request, feel free to contact our sales manager - Mr. Kevin. We will make your request into reality products at the shortest time cause we have first - class engineers in China!  

5A/10A/15A Buck Boost Converter 12V to 13.8V DC Regulated Power Supply

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